Glass GDk:没有“Ok Glass”的上下文语音命令(Glass GDk : Contextual voice commands without the "Ok Glass")

问题 我有一个以 CardScrollView 作为活动的应用程序。 Ok Glass => My App => Ok Glass => Next Page Or OK Glass => Previous Page 是否可以跳过第二个“Ok Glass”? 最好的办法是让语音命令始终处于激活状态,但我不知道是否可行。 回答1 我实际上是为我的 Glass 应用程序做的。 看看这里:https://github.com/RIVeR-Lab/google_glass_driver/tree/master/android/RobotManager/src/com/riverlab/robotmanager 您将对 VoiceRecognitionThread、Vocabulary 和 MessageListActivity 感兴趣。 您描述的功能在 MessageListActivity 和 VoiceRecognitionThread 中实现。 词汇表只是支持多层命令。 如果您计划使用可以分支到其他命令的语音命令,您只需要担心它。 例如,在我的应用程序中,我正在控制一个机器人。 命令可能看起来像“向前行驶”“快速向前行驶”“立即向前行驶”或“快速向前行驶延迟五”。 您可以在此处查看 xml 文件中的示例:https://github.com/RIVeR-Lab/google_glass

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Human face, emotion and voice recognition

I am looking for a good face, emotion and voice recognition method in C#. For face recognition I was early using Emgu CV which is not accurate and performance is very low in low light conditions. Also I need to find user's emotion. Whether sad or happy like that. But I found its not easy with Emgu CV. Also for voice recognition I am not able to find any solutions yet, I found speech recognition but it is not what I need. I don't want to use any online API's. Can anybody suggest me any SDKs or Algorithms using which I a implement face, emotion and voice recognition?

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Python detect keywords

I'm doing and application that do the fallowing: 1:If some noise is detected by the microphone, its starts to record audio, until no noise is detected. After it, the audio is recorded to a wav file. 2:I have to detect some words on it. There are only, 5 to 10 words to detect. So far, my code only does the first part (detect noise and record audio). Now, I have a list with the following words: help, please, yes, no, could, you, after, tomorrow. I need an offline way to detect if my sound contains these words. Is this possible? How can I do that? I'm using linux and there is no way to change my

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How to Recognise when user START & STOP speaking in android? (Voice Recognition in Android)

I have done a lot of R&D and gone through a lot of resources to resolve my problem but I have FAILED to get any proper solution. I have developed an app, now i want to add Voice based functionality to it. The required features are 1) when USER starts speaking, it should record the audio/video and 2) when user stops speaking, it should play the recorded audio/video . Note:Here video means whatever user performs within app during that period of time. For example, clicks on the buttons or some kind of animation, etc. I don't want to use Google's Voice Recognizer available by default in the

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Enumeration<URL> configs.hasMoreElements() gives false

I am developing a voice-based app in android and facing some problems please see below code, Java File 1 file = .wav file public static AudioInputStream getAudioInputStream(File file) throws UnsupportedAudioFileException, IOException { return getAudioInputStreamImpl(file); } private static AudioInputStream getAudioInputStreamImpl(Object source) throws UnsupportedAudioFileException, IOException { GetAudioInputStreamAudioFileReaderAction action = new GetAudioInputStreamAudioFileReaderAction(source); doAudioFileReaderIteration(action); AudioInputStream audioInputStream = action

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如何对android中的本地数据库进行语音识别检查?(How to make voice recognition check against a local database in android?)

问题 你还记得在旧手机中你可以做一个语音快捷方式来打电话给一个人。 我正在尝试使用该功能在 android 中制作一个应用程序。 用户录制想要控制应用程序的单词或声音,语音识别器只会检查它听到的声音是否与之前录制的声音相同。 有谁知道如何制作或知道指南? 我一直在寻找几个月没有找到令人满意的解决方案。 谢谢 回答1 您需要将参考声音和录制的声音都转换为特征。 为此,您需要在帧上拆分声音并提取 FFT 或直接提取倒谱。 为此,您可以使用任何 MFCC 库。 获得特征后,可以将它们与DTW算法进行比较。 你可以在这里找到一些细节 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_time_warping DTW 将返回阈值,您可以使用该阈值选择要呼叫的正确人员。 类似的问题是 测量两个短音频相似度的最简单算法

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HTML5 speech input and Google Translate text-to-speech, problem in Chrome

I'm creating a voice/text-memo web application. Here: http://gustavstromberg.se/sandbox/html5/localstorage/ look at its source (very short, most of it is css) This is: Voice recognition, works only in chrome as far as I know. Local Storage, to store notes as text. Google Translate text-to-speech. Everything works, but in different browsers. The voice input works perfect, only in chrome. The text-to-speech works in safari. To dynamically load the memo into the audio>source element i use: $("#spokenmemory").html("<source src='http://translate.google.com/translate_tts?tl=en&q="+localStorage[

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Calling by skype using C#

I want to develop an assistant software for blind people like Jarvis. It is a C# form application. I need to connect my C# project with Skype API so as to call to some username by using Skype. When I command by using Call John, it responds by calling to John by Skype. Can someone show me some snippets of code that'll help towards this?

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Speech to Phoneme in .Net

The problem is that I want to get phonemes of a audio speech in C# language. say you have an audio file like "x.wav" that says "hello dear Shamim". i want to extract all the phonemes of the speech and their relative timings. something like the picture below: I used System.Speech library (both recognition and synthesis namespaces) but i didn't find what i wanted. Now don't be mistaken! I don't want the phonemes of the sentence "hello dear Shamim", i want to extract the phonemes from an unknown audio input that speaks and English sentence. I tried System.Speech.Recognition but it tries to

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PHP中的语音识别?(Voice Recognition in PHP?)

问题 我正在寻找 PHP 中的语音识别。 我有很多 wav 文件(10-15 秒),我希望 Voice Recognition 从每个 wav 文件中识别 1 或 2 个单词,然后将其标记到数据库或 csv。 所有文件都有相同的声音和口音(同一个人哈哈) 示例伪代码: $voice = new play('file.wav'); $result = $voice->recognise("Good Morning"); if ($result) { echo "Matched Good Morning"; //flag to database or csv } else { echo "No match found"; } 哪个 PHP 语音识别库可以做到这一点? 回答1 PHP 没有内置此功能,但有可用于此 Sphinx 的 API。 回答2 以前也有人问过类似的问题。 您可能希望查看 https://stackoverflow.com/a/6351055/90236 以开始搜索语音引擎。 还有一些关于在网页中使用 Php 进行语音识别的问题。 看起来不像你这样做,但它是 PHP - https://stackoverflow.com/a/8717077/90236 回答3 您可以在rapidapi中免费使用我们的语音识别api,还提供了php代码示例。 可用于英语和法语。

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