What UI design principles like "separation of concerns" can I use to convince developers that the UI needs fixing? [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 8 years ago. Improve this question I had a big discussion with team recently related to UI design for our recent software project. We need to integrate a special version control system into our existing product, which is a software testing tooling for testing by writing and playback testing scripts. The design team has come out with a design which I can't agree on, and think it against basic

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How to specify a range of valid values in a Java GUI

I am creating an IMDB application which displays and organizes movies found on you computer (by looking up the metadata via an IMDB API). In my search panel I want to give the user the option of looking for movies that were released in a specific range of years (e.g. between 1990 and 2005). Currently I use for this two JSpinners, one for the minimum year and one for the maximum year and use cross validation to check whether maxYear >= minYear && minYear <= maxYear However I don't think this is very user-friendly. What I would like is a JSlider with two knobs, one for min and one for max. Is

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Alternative iOS layouts for portrait and landscape storyboard

I need to design different layouts for landscape and potrate I know how to design using .xib file but don't get how design different layout using storyboard. I want something like This but using storyboard. please help me.

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为什么标准物理长度单位(如 mm)不用于触摸 UI 布局?(Why aren't standard physical length units like mm used for touch UI layout?)

问题 如果您要布置交互式触摸 UI 元素(例如按钮),您需要具有合理物理尺寸的东西,以便用户可以舒适地点击它。 这样,布局一个触摸 UI 就像布局电子设备上的物理按钮和旋钮一样。 对于这种物理工程,毫米(或英寸)是首选单位。 出于某种原因,这在触摸 UI 设计中似乎并非如此。 我不认为自己在这个主题上读得非常好,但老实说,我从未见过有人使用 mm 作为单位,例如,Android 布局文件。 但是我已经看到了关于“px”与“dp”与“sp”与谁知道什么的无休止的争论。 “与设备无关的像素”(在 Android 上是根据物理长度定义的 - 1dp ≈ 0.16mm)似乎是一种非常复杂的指定长度的方式。 为什么不只使用毫米? 设备不正确支持这些单元是否有问题? 它是一种文化事物(程序员可能更习惯于以“某种像素”而不是物理单位进行思考)? 这是怎么回事? 回答1 通常,您会发现移动可用性人员在谈论毫米。 但是程序员和视觉设计师谈论与密度无关的像素或点(1 个 Android“DIP”=1 个 iOS“点”),因为即使您可以精确地指定以毫米为单位的测量值,最终也会出现舍入问题或半像素抗锯齿丑陋: 1mm 等于 6.3 DIP(精确度取决于屏幕的确切 DPI 值,因为倾角被量化到最接近的 120/160/240/320/480/640 dpi)。 这意味着在标准的 G1 样式 160DIP

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Why aren't standard physical length units like mm used for touch UI layout?

If you're laying out an interactive touch UI element, such as a button, you want something with a sensible physical size, so the user can hit it comfortably. In this way, laying out a touch UI is just like laying out physical buttons and knobs on an electronic device. And for this kind of physical engineering, millimeters (or inches) are the unit of choice. For some reason this doesn't seem to be the case in touch UI design. I don't consider myself extremely well-read in the subject, but I've honestly never seen anybody use mm as a unit in, say, an Android layout file. But I've seen endless

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这是什么控件? 组框与否!(What is this control? Group Box or Not!)

问题 只是对下面显示的控件感到好奇,旁边带有标签的直线。 我试图为它找到一个类似的控件,但没有也没有任何组框设置,所以我只是制作了一个高度为 2 的 GroupBox 来复制它。 但是有没有实际的控制或设置来做到这一点? 什么叫实际控制? 回答1 Spy++ 告诉我们那些实际上是两个独立的 STATIC 控件(类似于 WinForms 中的Label )。 第一个只是一个普通的静态文本控件,上面写着“主页”。 第二个设置了 SS_ETCHEDHORZ 样式,使其绘制为 3D 线。 不幸的是,在 WinForms 中没有向我们公开设置这种样式的能力。 正如您在问题中所指出的,有一些技巧/变通方法可以让我们实现类似的外观,例如垂直压缩GroupBox控件,或覆盖Label控件的OnPaint方法并使用ControlPaint类绘制 3D 边框。 它们有效,但我从不喜欢它们。 但是您实际上可以自己设置SS_ETCHEDHORZ样式,以便您可以准确地复制本机 UI。 这是一个小类,正是这样做的。 将它添加到您的项目中,编译,您应该会看到一个名为“Horizo​​ntalRule”的新控件出现在您的工具箱中。 就像使用任何其他控件一样使用它! public class HorizontalRule : Control { private const int FixedHeight = 2

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What is this control? Group Box or Not!

Just curious about the control shown below, the straight line with label beside it. I tried to find a similar control for it but there was none nor any group box setting, so instead I just made a GroupBox with a height of 2 that replicates it. But is there an actual control or setting to do this? And what is the actual control called?

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