Actionable Messages not displaying regional (UTF-8) characters

I have encountered a problem with viewing Actionable Messages. Regional characters are not showing correctly (? instead of the actual character), even though I've added information about UTF-8 encoding in meta tag inside the email's HTML head: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"> What's peculiar, however, is that characters render correctly when I put them into email body. Furthermore, putting even one character from, let's say, Japanese, makes all the Japanese characters in Actionable Message render correctly (but not, for example, cyrillic characters). That makes

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Custom Microsoft Teams Connector doesn't communicate with an external service at all

Common description First, my goal is sending notifications from my service using an internal API to a MT channel and having an option to answer it transmitting one to internal API. I've found a Connector has such functionality. Good example which i've tried to use StackOverflowConnector. It was a good point to start that is exactly what i need(Bot has inappropriate UI behaviour) , but i've decided to do it by small steps from creating a Bot just to understand things better. In short i had success, the bot and a mt channel communicted well both directions. Next point was Connector. I explored

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Get "Target URL ... is not allowed" error message when actioning Outlook actionable message for external email user

We're developing a connector that creates actionable outlook messages for external users. I.E. This is a service. Can anyone please help with the below example? We're getting an error for the external users when they try to action the message by clicking on one of the action buttons. Example: User A is on the tenant that registered the connector - Tenant A, User B is on another Office 365 tenant, Tenant B. We've created an Office 365 connector targeting the user's "Inbox" The connector has not been published to the store but is still in dev. So to be clear we're not implementing our solution

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Office 365 REST Api 和 Microsoft Graph 之间的区别(Difference between Office 365 REST Api and Microsoft Graph)

问题 我想知道 Office 365 REST API 和 Microsoft Graph 之间的区别,因为我们可以找到这两者的相似功能。 https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/office365/howto/rest-api-overview 以下是上述链接中的文字: Office 365 API 功能也可通过 Microsoft Graph 获得,这是一个统一的 API,包括来自其他 Microsoft 服务(如 Outlook、OneDrive、OneNote、Planner 和 Office Graph)的 API,可通过单个端点和单个访问令牌进行访问。 如果没有这样的区别,您是否打算弃用其中的任何一个? 谢谢 回答1 Microsoft API 是一种访问 Office 365 服务(如邮件、日历和 .etc)的端点解决方案。 通过使用图形 api,不再需要为不同的服务获取单独的令牌或为每个 API 调用不同的端点。 某些功能可能在各个服务终结点上可用,但在 Microsoft Graph 上尚不可用。 我们正在努力弥合这些差距。 如果您需要这些功能之一,您可以同时使用单个端点。 查看发行说明,了解有关预览版和普遍可用的 Microsoft Graph 功能的详细信息。 有关详细信息,您可以参考文档选择您的 API 端点。 回答2

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Difference between Office 365 REST Api and Microsoft Graph

I would like to know difference between Office 365 REST API and Microsoft Graph, since we could find similar functionality for both of these. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/office365/howto/rest-api-overview Following is the text from above link: Office 365 API functionality is also available through Microsoft Graph, a unified API that includes APIs from other Microsoft services such as Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, and Office Graph, accessible through a single endpoint and with a single access token. If there is no such difference, do you plan to deprecate any of these? Thanks

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Microsoft Teams 中卡片的 Http POST(Http POST from card in Microsoft Teams)

问题 我们正在尝试使用 Teams、Flow 和 Assembla 创建审批工作流,但遇到了一些麻烦。 我们已经成功设置了一些部分,但是我们无法从 Teams 中的卡启动 POST 操作。 在团队中,我们可以使用传入的 webhook 连接器成功创建一张卡片,结果是。 这是使用以下来自 Flow 中的 POST 操作的 JSON 正文创建的 { "@@type": "MessageCard", "@@context": "http://schema.org/extensions", "summary": "This is the summary property", "themeColor": "f46b42", "sections": [ { "startGroup": true, "title": "**Pending Review**", "activityTitle": "Ticket Title", "activitySubtitle": "Requested by: ", "facts": [ { "name": "Date submitted:", "value": "06/27/2017, 2:44 PM" }, { "name": "Details:", "value": "This ticket is ready for review." } ] }, {

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如何使用从 Microsoft Teams 的 Web 解决方案加载的配置创建连接器(How to create a Connector with configuration loaded from web solution for Microsoft Teams)

问题 我正在尝试为 Microsoft Teams 创建连接器。 我已经在连接器开发人员仪表板中完成了注册并下载了 manifest.json。 我能够在 Teams 中旁加载连接器清单,并在连接器列表中找到连接器。 当我选择连接器并想要配置它时,我输入的所有数据都正确显示。 我的问题是 - 我想让连接器的用户根据他们在我网站上的订阅(如在 Trello 连接器中)选择配置参数。 例如,用户在我的网站上的订阅中创建了多个区域。 我想让他们在 Microsoft Teams 对话中选择他希望从中获取更新的区域之一。 从文档中,我无法找到将配置参数从我的网站加载到连接器配置对话框的位置或方式。 我的清单看起来像这样(替换了 URL 和 ID) { "$schema": "https://statics.teams.microsoft.com/sdk/v1.0/manifest/MicrosoftTeams.schema.json", "manifestVersion": "1.0", "id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx", "version": "1.0", "packageName": "com.example.org", "developer": { "name": "Developer Company", "websiteUrl

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新连接器适用于 Outlook,但不适用于 Microsoft Teams(New Connector works for Outlook but not Microsoft Teams)

问题 我正在尝试基于此文档构建一个专用于 Microsoft Teams 的 Office 365 连接器。 它似乎适用于 Outlook 组,但不适用于团队。 我已在连接器开发人员仪表板上成功创建了一个连接器并将其配置为在 Teams 上工作(下图),但是当我单击我网站上的“连接到 Office 365”按钮时,它给了我一个错误“找不到有效邮箱”。 当我更改仪表板中连接器的设置以支持 Outlook(并检查收件箱和组框)时,我不再收到此错误,而是可以选择连接,但我的团队仍然不在列表中。 显然,Teams 没有被考虑用于连接。 这些设置: 产生这个错误: 为新的连接器配置我的团队是否需要做一些特殊的事情? 只是我尝试过的事情的清单: 我的团队启用了旁加载和开发人员预览。 仪表板中的连接器使用与 Teams 相同的 Microsoft 帐户创建。 我使用manifest.json定义的连接器创建了一个应用程序,并将其旁加载到我的团队中。 URL 是https://outlook.office.com/connectors/Connect?state={my-state}&app_id={connector-id-from-dashboard}&callback_url=http://localhost:3000/enable-teams 回答1 “连接到 Office 365

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