Play framework: merge action only works in the Controller that triggered it

I have a simple Play applicaiton for test. I have 2 controllers, one is a "ListController" that displays a list of entries. Each entry has an "edit" link which goes to the "EditController". The "EditController" diplays the html form with the existing data for the entry, and the submit button posts that data towards another method in the "EditController", which saves the data to db and redisplays the newly modify data in the form. All this works ok. However once I modify an entry (which is redisplayed correctly in the edit page) when I return to the list, that entry still has the old values

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Model View Presenter - Passive View - Who loads the Model?

I'm curious in using the MVP Pattern to improve testability. I have experience with MVC but MVP seems different. I'm having an application that operates on a 'project' file which is in fact an compressed archive of several files and folders. This project should be my model. Where will I put the code that loads the model? I'm also thinking about another abstraction layer: Some kind of BackEndConnection. It will be able to read a project file. It can be an FileBackEndConnection or an FTPConnection or whatever (this should be possible). Does this belong in the Presenter? View ---- Presenter ----

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File format for generating 3D models from scratch?

I'm beginning a project that will require me to export a user generated 3D model to be used in other programs such as Blender. For now I am mostly concerned with just the basic mesh data (not animation or bones or textures), though I would like the option to extend it in the future. My question is this: What is a good file format to use for 3D models when you will be writing the files from scratch? My main considerations are: ease of implementation usefulness/universal acceptance (can it handle the information I want, and will most 3D programs recognize the format and be able to import it?)

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How to load a text file in JavaScript?

I'm creating a simple WebGL project and need a way to load in models. I decided to use OBJ format so I need a way to load it in. The file is (going to be) stored on the server and my question is: how does one in JS load in a text file and scan it line by line, token by token (like with streams in C++)? I'm new to JS, hence my question. The easier way, the better. UPDATE: I used your solution, broofa, but I'm not sure if I did it right. I load the data from a file in forEach loop you wrote but outside of it (i.e. after all your code) the object I've been filling data with is "undefined". What

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Rails db:seed error "undefined method `finder_needs_type_condition?' for nil:NilClass"

I have a problem when attempting to populate my sqlite db. There's not much info regarding the specific error "finder_needs_type_condition?" that I can find, but I don't have much experience with Rails yet to even suspect where the problem could be. Model: class Character < ActiveRecord::Base validates :user_id, :name, :class, presence: true end Controller: class CharactersController < ApplicationController before_action :authenticate_user! respond_to :json @user_id = current_user[:id] def index @characters = Character.all end def show @character = Character.find(params[:id]) end def new

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Database Model to Represent Families, Households, and Relationships

Here's my situation. I am building a database to track relationships between people and households. Typically, everything is tied to a "head of household". I am trying to avoid this as it creates problems when people move (i.e. brother finally gets a job and moves out) or families break up (i.e. dad and mom get divorced, household is now split into two, some kids stay with mom, some with dad). It is a huge challenge to figure out how to cascade the data when the model is based on HOH. My approach is split the data into 3 tables, household, person, and relationship. hh just stores an address

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Extend built-in User model to support more properties and behaviors in loopback

I want a model to represent a profile in my loopback app. But, the built-in User model found in loopback only have the following properties username password realm emailVerified What is the best way to extend the built-in User model in order to insert more properties like phone number, profile picture, and the likes?

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CakePHP 新手问题:如何复制模型及其相关数据?(CakePHP newbie question: How do I duplicate a model and its related data?)

问题 如何复制现有模型记录? 换句话说,我如何检索具有相关数据的现有模型,然后保存该模型和数据的副本(模型和相关数据都被复制)? 这使用简单的 SQL 是微不足道的,但我想使用 CakePHP 最佳实践来做到这一点。 回答1 $record = $this->Model->find('first', array('condition' => array('Model.id' => $id))); unset($record['Model']['id'], $record['RelatedModel']['id'], /* further ids */); $this->Model->create(); $this->Model->saveAll($record); 基本上,您需要确保数据中不包含id字段,然后照常保存。 这将提示 Cake 创建一个新记录。 根据您的具体数据,直接使用$Model->query()编写INSERT … SELECT …查询可能更经济。

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CakePHP newbie question: How do I duplicate a model and its related data?

How do I duplicate an existing model record? Put another way, how do I retrieve an existing model with related data, then save a COPY of that model AND data (both model and related data are copied)? This is trivial using simple SQL, but I want to do it using CakePHP best practices.

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从外部 Javascript 文件访问 ASP.NET MVC 模型数据(Accessing ASP.NET MVC Model Data from external Javascript file)

问题 我正在尝试使用 JQuery 的 $.getJSON 从控制器访问模型数据,并在 javascript 中构建一个 JSON 对象,以供用户在列表中添加和删除项目时使用。 所有 JS 都在一个外部文件中完成。 在页面首次加载后,只对服务器进行一次模型数据的访问,因此我可以获得完整的选项列表供用户选择。 之后,用户可以根据需要修改列表(并且 JSON 对象会相应更新),然后将其保存(写回数据库)。 但这是我的问题:使用 $.getJSON 时,我需要在 Controller 中调用的方法需要一个 ID,以便它可以查找我正在谈论的特定资源并返回与该特定资源相关的选项列表. 但是从外部 JS 文件中,我不知道如何将该 ID 传递给控制器​​。 它内置在首先打开页面的链接中,并且位于 URL 中,但是一旦页面加载,我不知道如何获取此 ID 以便将其传递给控制器​​。 我在下面粘贴了一些代码,因为我知道这很令人困惑: 最初加载页面的 Controller 中的 Details 方法(需要一个 resourceID 来知道要加载什么): public ActionResult Details(string resId) { //call base method base.Details(resId, resourceType); Evaluation eval = (Evaluation

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