What is the difference between dynamic linking and dynamic loading

As i understand Dynamic loading means loading the library (or any other binary for that matter) into the memory during load or run-time. so in program below when dlopen() called dynamic loader will come in to picture and it will load the lib in to the memory if library is not loaded already. Dynamic linking refers to the linking that is done during load or run-time. and it resolves external references. So in program below dlsym() function will ask for cosine function and dynamic linking will come in picture and symbols will be resolved. int main(int argc, char **argv) { void *handle; double (

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Handle VerifyError: Error #1014 when loading swfs using AS3

We are making a system that has a main swf for the application, and loads separate tools from separate swfs -- there will be versioning issues in the future since the separate swfs are coming from a cms (especially now since we're still developing, but also in the future when other developers might create an incompatible tool). I'm trying hard to prevent them as much as possible but I'd really like to be able to display a message to the user of the system when an incompatible swf is loaded. This would mean that we need to catch that VerifyError or at least determine the loading failed for some

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Loaders and onLoaderReset Android

I implemented a Loader in my application for querying data from the database. I listen the changes that happen' by implementing LoaderCallbacks<Cursor> listener. The problem that I have is when using the onLoaderReset(Loader<Cursor> loader) method when my data change and I want to invalidate and free any data associated with the loader. In all the examples, in this method there is the following call: mAdapter.swapCursor(null); But the thing is I don't use the data from the cursor in adapter, I use it in some other way in my application. (directly from the returned cursor in onLoadFinished

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loading image by Loader.loadBytes(byteArray)

i like to ask about one thing : If i create Loader and load external image by URLRequest , ill have result : loader.content is Bitmap loader.content.bitmapData is BitmapData But if I use Loader.loadBytes(ImageBytes) , result is different even if ImageBytes is loader.contentLoaderInfo.bytes : bytesLoader.content is MovieClip bytesLoader.content.getChildAt(0) is Bitmap bytesLoader.content.getChildAt(0).bitmapData is BitmapData why ?

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Webpack 4.X 从入门到精通 - module(四)

概念 在webpack中任何一个东西都称为模块,js就不用说了。一个css文件,一张图片、一个less文件都是一个模块,都能用导入模块的语法(commonjs的require,ES6的import)导入进来。webpack自身只能读懂js类型的文件,其它的都不认识。但是webpack却能编译打包其它类型的文件,像ES6、JSX、less、typeScript等,甚至css、images也是Ok的,而想要编译打包这些文件就需要借助loader loader就像是一个翻译员,浏览器不是不认识这些东西么?那好交给loader来办,它能把这些东西都翻译成浏览器认识的语言。loader描述了webpack如何处理非js模块,而这些模块想要打包loader必不可少,所以它在webpack里显得异常重要。loader跟插件一样都是模块,想要用它需要先安装它,使用的时候把它放在module.rules参数里,rules翻译过来的意思就是规则,所以也可以认为loader就是一个用来处理不同文件的规则 文件目录 这节课需要用到图片跟样式,所以我要按传统的目录结构来创建目录,目录如下结构目录 处理CSS 所需loader style-loader //把处理完的css放到style标签里 css-loader //处理css 安装 npm i style-loader css-loader -D

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OnLoadFinished() 调用了两次(OnLoadFinished() called twice)

问题 我试图弄清楚我是否在加载器方面做错了什么。 我正在使用支持库,并且我有一个 Fragment,它在 onCreate() 调用 initLoader() 将自身设置为 LoaderCallbacks,但是在旋转时它在 onLoadFinished() 中收到两次结果,一次是调用 init 的结果(并且它已经拥有数据),并且由于 FragmentActivity 循环遍历 onStart() 中的所有加载器并传递结果,因为它已经拥有数据。 如果我只调用 init 一次(在 Fragment 的第一次启动时),它不会将自己设置为 Loader 的回调,因此它根本不会收到对 onLoadFinished 的调用。 似乎 onLoadFinished 应该只调用一次,因为一些昂贵的事情可能会在 onLoadFinished() 中完成(例如清除列表适配器等),所以我只是想弄清楚这是一个错误还是我只是在错误的时间或其他什么时候调用 init 。 任何人都对这个问题有任何见解? 回答1 我遇到了类似的问题,原因是我的代码中有initLoader和restartLoader 。 根据用户的操作,我的查询可能会更改,因此我需要重新启动加载程序。 解决方案是只使用restartLoader ,即使在onResume回调方法initLoader

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How to load classes from jar file in-memory stream

I'm building a Java application that has parts that require daily update. I want to download frequently updated parts as small jar file from my server to memory. I'm downloading the jar file as byte stream and not using URLClassloader. How can I make the classes in the jar file to be available to the system class loader from my custom class loader? How can I make sure that the download jar file and loaded classes are never cached or written to disk.

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使用 AsyncTask 加载位图图像(Use AsyncTask to Load Bitmap Images)

问题 当有人通过我的应用程序工作时,我正在尝试在后台加载图像。 我写的逻辑是这样的: public class ImageLoader extends AsyncTask <Context, Void, Bitmap>{ private String URL; private int type; ImageLoader(String Url, int Type) { URL = Url; type = Type; } @Override protected Bitmap doInBackground(Context... arg0) { AssetManager assetMgr = arg0[0].getAssets(); Bitmap bitmap = null; try { bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(assetMgr.open(URL)); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return bitmap; } @Override protected void onPostExecute( Bitmap result ) { super.onPostExecute(result); if (type == 1) Inst1 = result; else if (type

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如何在C#中显示没有任何按钮的消息框(How to display message box without any buttons in C#)

问题 我尝试在执行操作时向用户显示 MESSAGE。 MESSAGE 不会显示任何按钮。 只是一条消息(文本),也许还有背景图片。 问题如下: MessageBox 似乎不是很好的控件(因为按钮并阻止了正在运行的进程)。 Form.ShowDialog() 也会阻塞正在运行的进程。 我不知道该怎么办。 我想显示消息,运行我的进程,并在进程完成后处理该消息。 如何在C#实现这一点? 回答1 使用消息创建一个简单的表单(或公开一个公共属性以能够更改消息,或使用带有消息参数的构造函数将其传入)并使用此 Show 重载显示该表单。 然后禁用(整个)原始(所有者)表单(或仅禁用您不想访问的控件)。 因此,在您的“主要”表单中执行以下操作: Form f = new MessageForm(); f.Show(this); //Make sure we're the owner this.Enabled = false; //Disable ourselves //Do processing here this.Enabled = true; //We're done, enable ourselves f.Close(); //Dispose message form 另外,请考虑使用 BackgroundWorker。 回答2 创建自定义表单,并编写自己的行为 回答3 创建一个自定义表单

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How do I load SVGs directly in my React component using webpack?

I would like to render a material design icon directly in my NextButton component using webpack. Here's the relevant part of my code: var NextIcon = require('material-design-icons/navigation/svg/production/ic_chevron_right_18px.svg'); var NextButton = React.createClass({ render: function() { return ( <Link to={this.props.target} className='button--next'> {this.props.label} {NextIcon} </Link> ) } }); But this isn't working as I thought it would. It seems to output the svg as a string, rather than an element. I've tried using raw-loader, img-loader, url-loader, file-loader and svg-loader but I

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