Angular guards, unclear statement in the docs

I'm trying to understand angular deeply, so i read the docs and it was very helpful. now i'm studying the guards. and i read this statement in the docs. The router checks the CanDeactivate and CanActivateChild guards first, from the deepest child route to the top. Then it checks the CanActivate guards from the top down to the deepest child route. now i'm confused, why does angular perform it in this way? is there any benefits of doing the checking from the deepest child to the top for CanDeactivate & CanActivateChild. and from top to the deepest child route for CanActivate?

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Bundler error on deployment

I'm currently using guard i.e. guard-coffeescript gem to compile my javascript (and in the future I'll probably add some more guard tasks) on my OSX dev system. I added the rb-fsevent gem to my Gemspec, now I saw that in a lot of Gemspecs it is added with an if statement like this: gem 'rb-fsevent', :require => false if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /darwin/i Trying to deploy to my staging/production environment, which is running under Linux, the script executed on the server uses the bundle install --deployment results in following exception: # bundle install --deployment You have modified your Gemfile in

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在文件更改时自动重新编译和重新加载服务器(Go Auto-Recompile and Reload Server on file change)

问题 我知道 AppEngine 会这样做,但我不会为它编码。 我尝试使用 Ruby 世界的Guard ,监听.go文件的变化,并执行以下命令: killall foo go build -race ./foo & 但它永远不会将foo发送到后台,它只是无限期地挂起。 大家是怎么解决这个问题的? 解决方案也必须是跨平台的(GNU/Linux 和 Mac)。 回答1 一位朋友为 go 编写了一个简单的编译守护程序,对我自己的小型 net/http 项目来说就像一个魅力。 你可以在这里找到存储库:https://github.com/githubnemo/CompileDaemon 回答2 您还可以试用 Codegangsta 的 Gin。 它的火和忘记。 https://github.com/codegangsta/gin 编辑:我现在更喜欢 CompileDaemon。 杜松子酒有时不会接受请求 回答3 我最近发现了一个反射工具。 它的速度很快,就像一个魅力。 它与nodemon(来自nodejs world)和guard(来自ruby world)非常相似。 大多数时候我使用它类似于下面: reflex -d none -s -R vendor. -r \.go$ -- go run cmd/server/main.go 但是在像 .reflex

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Is it impossible to use Guard with RubyMine?

For some inexplicable reason, RubyMine autosaves every change you make and so every key stroke will trigger Guard to run your tests! And the most ridiculous thing is that there's apparently no way to disable this autosaving "feature". I'm just wondering, RubyMine seems to be a very popular editor among Rails developers and Guard seems to be an indispensable tool used to automate testing. Since Guard is impossible to use reasonably with RubyMine, how do people deal with automating their tests with RubyMine?

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Need to let users login with multiple credentials same as login with other account functionality in Gmail services- Laravel

I want to let my users to login with different credentials in the same browser window, which is using the single users table. If tables were different then I will surely do that with guards, but the problem is I have to manage the user logins through single table. Please help me how to manage multiple sessions in the same browser window, as when I login with other account in a new tab the first one goes logout. Thanks in advance.

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关于设置工作 Guard-RSpec 示例项目的问题(Questions about setting up a working Guard-RSpec example project)

问题 我正在尝试使用guard-rspec建立一个有效的 ruby​​ 项目。 我将 tutsplus 教程的一般方法与 RSpec 视频和另一篇文章中描述的一些新语法混合在一起。 该项目可以在 github 上的stack-overflow-question分支中找到。 我也在尝试按照 Programming Ruby 1.9 中的描述练习命名空间。 所以最终我希望在我的lib/example/目录中有example.rb 。 关于我的项目,我有 4 个问题: 我需要在我的Guardfile放入什么来查看我的项目中的特定目录的更改? 我有几种不同的方式可以在我的Guardfile看到,如标记为: # Watch Specific Directory Attempt X 在我的Guardfile取消注释第 8 行和第 9 行(在下面Uncomment and set this to only include directories you want to watch )和添加“命名组捕获”(如watch(%r{^lib/(?<path>.+)\.rb$}) { |m| "spec/lib/#{m[:path]}_spec.rb" } watch(%r{^lib/(?<path>.+)\.rb$}) { |m| "spec/lib/#{m[:path]}_spec.rb"

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Go Auto-Recompile and Reload Server on file change

I know AppEngine does this, but I'm not coding for it. I tried using Guard from Ruby world, to listen on changes on .go files, and execute the following commands: killall foo go build -race ./foo & But it never sends foo into background, it just hangs indefinitely. How are you guys solving this problem? Solution has to be cross-platform too (GNU/Linux and Mac).

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Questions about setting up a working Guard-RSpec example project

I'm trying to set up a working ruby project with guard-rspec. I've mixed together the general method of a tutsplus tutorial with some new syntax as described in the RSpec videos and another post. The project can be found in the stack-overflow-question branch on github. I'm also trying to practice namespacing as described in Programming Ruby 1.9. So eventually I'd like to have example.rb in my lib/example/ directory. There's 4 questions I have about my project: What do I need to put in my Guardfile to watch specific directories in my project for changes? I've several different ways which can be

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错误 - Guard::RailsAssets 未能实现其 , 例外是 (Rails 4/ zeus/guard)(ERROR - Guard::RailsAssets failed to achieve its <start>, exception was (Rails 4/ zeus/guard))

问题 每当我加载 Guard 时,我都会收到此错误,我认为因此无法在本地预编译我的资产。 当我加载警卫时 $ guard 我得到: 16:55:35 - ERROR - Guard::RailsAssets failed to achieve its <start>, exception was: > [#6D5274147654] TypeError: can't modify immutable index > [#6D5274147654] /home/mathieu/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p451@rails3tutorial2ndEd/gems/sprockets-2.12.3/lib/sprockets/index.rb:81:in `expire_index!' > [#6D5274147654] /home/mathieu/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p451@rails3tutorial2ndEd/gems/sprockets-2.12.3/lib/sprockets/base.rb:97:in `cache=' > [#6D5274147654] /home/mathieu/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p451@global/gems/guard-rails-assets-0.1.5/lib/guard/rails

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ERROR - Guard::RailsAssets failed to achieve its <start>, exception was (Rails 4/ zeus/guard)

I am getting this error whenever I load Guard and I think it fails to precompile locally my assets due to this. When I load guard with $ guard I get: 16:55:35 - ERROR - Guard::RailsAssets failed to achieve its <start>, exception was: > [#6D5274147654] TypeError: can't modify immutable index > [#6D5274147654] /home/mathieu/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p451@rails3tutorial2ndEd/gems/sprockets-2.12.3/lib/sprockets/index.rb:81:in `expire_index!' > [#6D5274147654] /home/mathieu/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p451@rails3tutorial2ndEd/gems/sprockets-2.12.3/lib/sprockets/base.rb:97:in `cache=' > [#6D5274147654] /home

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