Represent array with indices using dot record nodes (Graphviz)

问题 我使用 Graphviz 来表示数组,使用subgraphs和record节点: subgraph cluster_array { label="my array" Array [shape="record", label="A | B | C | D"] Array } 我想为每个数组元素添加外部索引,映射0 -> A , 1 -> B等等。 我想达到类似的结果: 我在网上搜索并尝试使用xlabel但找不到为每个记录元素正确添加标签的方法。 我还尝试将索引作为标签的一部分,并使用lp移动标签,但它似乎对record节点没有影响。 是否可以使用 GraphViz 将外部元素标签添加到record节点? 回答1 不是对您的问题的真正答案(我认为这将是“否”),而是一种可能会给您想要的解决方法。 我使用没有边框(准确地说是纸色边框)的“平行”记录节点,位置非常靠近并由不可见的边缘连接: digraph so { subgraph cluster0 { rank = same{ Array notes } color = white; Array [ shape = record, label = "{ A | B | C | D }"] ; notes [ shape = record, color = white, label = "{ a_1 | b_2 | c_3 | d

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Render DOT script with multiple graphs to PDF one graph per page

问题 我有一个大型 DOT 脚本,其中定义了多个图形: digraph Tree0 { ... } digraph Tree1 { ... { ... 我可以通过调用dot -Tps forest.dot -o forest.ps将其渲染到 postscript 文件中,其中每个图表都位于单独的页面上。 但是,出于性能原因,我更喜欢 PDF 而不是 postscript(滚动和缩放更平滑)。 但是,如果我对 PDF 而不是 PS 使用相同的命令,则生成的文件只包含一个图形,看起来其余的都写入了标准输出。 使用ps2pdf将 PS 转换为 PDF 不起作用,因为图形和因此 PS 文件的页面具有不同的大小,但生成的 PDF 文件将具有固定的页面大小,从而切除部分图形。 有没有一种简单的方法可以从 dot 获取多图 PDF,就像它与 PS 文件一样? 如果没有,如何将 PS 转换为 PDF 并保持不同的页面大小? 回答1 这个怎么样: dot -Tps2 forest.gv -o forest.ps | ps2pdf forest.ps dot -Tps2 forest.gv -o forest.ps | ps2pdf forest.ps 主要区别在于它使用-Tps2 。 根据文档: ps2使用 PDF 符号生成 PostScript 输出。 假设输出将直接转换为 PDF 格式。

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Parsing comments in dot file with python

问题 我正在使用pydot来解析 python 中的点文件。 我找不到解析点文件本身中存在的注释的方法,有什么办法吗? 通过仅查看文档,我找不到任何答案。 另外,您会建议比pydot更好的点文件解析器(也许维护得更好)吗? 谢谢 回答1 import pydot import pyparsing import json graph = pydot.graph_from_dot_file(path) edgeList = graph.get_edge_list() for e in edgeList: tempAttr = json.dumps(e.get_attributes()) edgeAttr = json.loads(tempAttr) edgeAttr['insert_label_here']

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How to place nodes on top of others with Graphviz?

I am trying to design a very specific type of graph with certain colors and shapes but I am unable to tell if this is achievable with Graphviz. My goal is to draw a directed graph where each node: is composed of 3 smaller boxes aligned horizontally (striped rectangle or record, rounded) contains 3 labels accordingly is filled with a gradient has a black square node located on top of the middle box Example (all black boxes have been placed manually) : I have made it to the third requirement but I am struggling implementing the last one. How would you place square nodes (rect, square, box, etc)

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Error while generating a PDF file in Python using graphviz [closed]

Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 10 months ago. Improve this question I'm trying to generate a pdf file from a .dot file, I'm using python and the IDE pycharm but for some reason it is giving me that error, I already have Graphviz installed. This is the code I used to generate the .pdf file but it gives me the error direcc = os.path.join(dirname, 'ast.dot') file = open(direcc, "w+", encoding="utf-8") file.write(graph) file.close()

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How to position the legend at the bottom right of the graph?

I want to make a Legend/Key in GraphViz. I make one successfully, but then how can I position it at the bottom right corner of the graph? I try using pos but it doesn't work (it seems like it's only applicable in neato). This is my test code: digraph { rankdir="LR"; a -> b -> c -> a subgraph cluster_Legend { label = "Legend"; rank=same; e -> f } Normally, if the legend is actually an HTML table embeded in the lable, one can use labelloc="b" labeljust="r". However, in my case the items to be explained in the legends are edges, not nodes, so my legend needs to consist two tables. Therefore using

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GraphViz Node Placement and Rankdir

I'm having very good luck with graphviz and have been able to make nearly every graph that I need. I'm trying to duplicate this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ICS_Structure.PNG as faithfully as I can. The bottom part of that graph all flows top to bottom and I've got that working fine. What I have not been able to do is place the first 3 children right below "Incident Commander". They branch left and right. Plus note how the edges are shared in the top 8 nodes. Is that possible with dot? I can deal with everything else but not those top nodes. Can someone give me a clue to solve this?

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Render DOT script with multiple graphs to PDF one graph per page

I have a large DOT script with multiple graphs defined in it: digraph Tree0 { ... } digraph Tree1 { ... { ... I can render this to a postscript file where each graph is on a separate page by calling dot -Tps forest.dot -o forest.ps. However, for performance reasons I would prefer PDF over postscript (scrolling and zooming is much smoother). But if I use the same command with PDF instead of PS, the resulting file contains only one of the graphs and it looks like the rest is written to stdout. Converting the PS to PDF with ps2pdf did not work, as the graphs and thus the pages of the PS file have

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Parsing comments in dot file with python

I'm using pydot for parsing dot files in python. I can't find a way to parse comments present in the dot file itself, is there any way to do it? By just looking at the documentation I couldn't find any answer. Also, would you suggest a better parser for dot files (perhaps better maintained) than pydot? Thanks

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Represent array with indices using dot record nodes (Graphviz)

I'm using Graphviz to represent arrays, using subgraphs and record nodes: subgraph cluster_array { label="my array" Array [shape="record", label="A | B | C | D"] Array } I would like to add external indices for each array elements, mapping 0 -> A, 1 -> B and so on. I want to achieve a result similar to: I've searched online and tried using xlabel but couldn't find a way to correctly add a label for each record element. I've also tried making the indices part of the label, and moving the label with lp, but it seems to have no effect on record nodes. Is it possible to add external element labels

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