No key with alias found in keystore

问题 我们的 android 项目由移动和穿戴应用程序组成(穿戴应用程序正在开发中),我们正在尝试发布移动应用程序。 当我们尝试生成签名的 apk 时,我们会收到以下消息: Error:Execution failed for task ':wear:packageRelease'. > com.android.ide.common.signing.KeytoolException: Failed to read key toyanathpatro from store "/home/adventure/toyanath_patro_key/toyanath_patro_key": No key with alias 'toyanathpatro' found in keystore /home/adventure/toyanath_patro_key/toyanath_patro_key 正如它所读到的,它说:wear:packageRelease的任务失败,实际上我们在选择签署 apk 时只选择了移动设备。 谁能指出我的错误? 提前致谢。 回答1 问题似乎在于拼写错误的密钥别名在我的情况下,别名应该是toyanath patro我错误地尝试使用toyanathpatro 。 所以最好的建议是: 不要在密钥别名中使用空格或不可见字符。

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Android Studio issue missing missing debug.keystore

问题 每次我想签署我的 aok 时,我都会失败Missing debug.keystore它说它实际上应该位于此路径下 Store: C:\Users\jamie\.android\debug.keystore但没有任何密钥库文件. 我怎样才能创建一个? 请为一个非常愚蠢的人解释一下。 Android Studio 消息 Gradle 构建 文件管理器 回答1 我知道这来晚了,但我希望它对未来的人有所帮助。 要生成新的密钥库,请执行以下操作: 在你的 android studio 终端keytool -alias "AndroidDebugKey" -genkeypair给它一个密码android 。 之后询问的其余字段或问题无关紧要,因此只需按Enter 。 转到您的主目录 ( C:\Users<YOUR USERNAME> ) 并查找名为.keystore的文件。 将.keystore重命名为debug.keystore 。 现在将其复制并粘贴到( C:\Users<YOUR USERNAME>.android )。 重新运行signReport任务,为APP生成新的key。 回答2 您可以使用 keytool 生成密钥库。 它应该包含在您的 JDK 中 - -genkeypair {-alias alias} {-keyalg keyalg} {-keysize

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No key with alias found in keystore

Our android project consists of mobile and wear app ( wear app is under development) and we are trying to release the mobile app. When we try to generate signed apk we get this follow message : Error:Execution failed for task ':wear:packageRelease'. > com.android.ide.common.signing.KeytoolException: Failed to read key toyanathpatro from store "/home/adventure/toyanath_patro_key/toyanath_patro_key": No key with alias 'toyanathpatro' found in keystore /home/adventure/toyanath_patro_key/toyanath_patro_key As it reads it says failed task for :wear:packageRelease where in reality we are selecting

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Warning: Different store and key passwords not supported for PKCS12 KeyStores. Ignoring user-specified -keypass value. in Android Studio

I am trying to create a new Keystore to generate a signed apk but I am getting an error like this, please help me to get rid of this error.

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RESULT_CANCELED error returned onActivityResult method?

I am trying to set up Google Fit API for a university project, however I have just noticed I am getting an error after choosing a Google log-in RESULT_CANCELED. I have read some other forum pages and tried a few solutions: Changing keystore to release mode, not debug Changing dependencies Changing keystore signing configs Nothing is working for me! I have no idea what I am doing wrong so please ask me questions and I will be happy to help. I am aware I am using deprecated API functions however I cannot find anything more up to date that I understand how to implement. Stack overflow answers

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Android Studio issue missing missing debug.keystore

Every time I want to sign my aok I get the failure Missing debug.keystore it says that it actually should me located under this path Store: C:\Users\jamie\.android\debug.keystore but there isn't any keystore file. How can I create one ? Please explain it for a really silly person. Android Studio Messages Gradle Build File Manager

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Android Keystore in kotlin

I'm working on an app that needs to be quite secure, so we want to use the Android Keystore to help make certain things, like accessTokens to the backend, safer and more secure. I've tried implementing some of it, and it seems like it works, but I worked mainly off of examples, primarily Securely Storing Keys in Android Keystore Here is some of my code: object AndroidKeyStore { const val ANDROID_KEY_STORE = "AndroidKeyStore" const val AES_MODE = "AES/GCM/NoPadding" private var iv: ByteArray = byteArrayOf(55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44) //IS IT SAFE TO HAVE THIS HERE? const val

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generate a keystore from private key

I lost my keystore after updating Android Studio (I searched everywhere on my machine.) Now I want to avoid losing days making a request for a new Key to Google's support. I found that I still have the initial private_key.pepk, and distribution/upload certificates (.der) as well as the keystore passwords and Alias. Is it possible to regenerate a valid keystore from these information, to sign an APK?

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Release apk Facebook hash key not same with generated one

问题 我正在开发一个 Android 应用程序。 在我的应用程序中,我正在集成 Facebook 登录。 我的 Facebook 登录工作正常。 但是当我生成发布 apk 并运行该应用程序并尝试使用 Facebook 登录时无法正常工作。 请看下面我的场景。 我生成如下的发布 apk 然后我使用该 jks 文件路径生成 keyhash。 我得到了一个哈希键,然后将其添加到开发人员配置文件设置中。 当我在我的设备上安装并运行该 apk 并使用 Facebook 登录时,它总是显示如下错误。 Facebook 哈希键配置错误。 实际上我所做的所有步骤都是正确的。 所以我尝试的是,我尝试将该哈希键复制到开发人员设置中并且无法正常工作。 我尝试了另一种方式。 我使用新密钥(不同的 jks 文件)生成了新版本的 apk。 然后我为其生成哈希键并将其添加到开发人员设置中。 然后我在手机上运行应用程序并登录。它给了我同样的错误。 此外,即使我生成了另一个具有不同密钥的发布 apk,它也会显示相同的错误与相同的哈希密钥。 怎么了? 这是额外的 所有发布的apk都可以第一时间登录Facebook。 然后重新登录。 上面的错误显示。 卸载应用程序并再次安装不起作用。 但是,如果我生成具有不同密钥库的发布 apk,它会第一次工作,然后就无法工作。 卸载并重新安装也不行。 可能的错误是什么? 回答1

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Firebase database doesnt work after publishing app to play store

I have a problem. I've coded app in android studio. After publishing app to play store, firebase database doesn't work at all. I added SHA1 key to firebase console project settings, what can be wrong? Any help appreciated. I took SHA1 key from here:

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