Direct App Deep Link not working evethough all configs are correct in Android

I am trying App Linking from URL in Android , that is opening app directly when clicking a respective link without showing suggestions from intent chooser (app not yet live in play store ) Eventhough all of my configs are correct ... Direct app Link is not working , only I am getting app name in the suggestions I also tried with app link verifier from google . It having an weird issue In the initial attempts , its showing as No app deep linking permission found for app.glowify.glowify at admin.glowify.com. After clicking Test Statement button 2 or 3 times , I am getting "grants deep linking"

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Android 应用链接 - 在浏览器中从应用打开 url 而不触发应用链接(Android App link - Open a url from app in browser without triggering App Link)

问题 我在我的应用程序中启用了应用程序链接。 它工作正常。 但是在我的应用程序中有一些场景我无法处理传入的 url。 在这些情况下,我想将该 url 重定向到设备中的默认浏览器。 目前我尝试做的是使用意图打开带有 url 的浏览器,但它再次重定向到我的应用程序本身。 应用程序链接的格式 -> https://<domain>/<prefix>/<params> 因此,根据参数,我想处理应用程序本身中的应用程序链接或将其重定向到默认浏览器。 以下是我尝试使用上述网址打开浏览器的代码 val browserIntent = Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(appLinkModel.url)) browserIntent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_APP_BROWSER) browserIntent.resolveActivity(packageManager)?.let { startActivity(browserIntent) } 我尝试排除 addCategory() 行,但结果是一样的。 应用程序崩溃(因此出现了 resolveActivity()),或者应用程序在循环中自行打开。 我想做的事 所以我想要做的是将 url 重定向到默认浏览器(或显示一个没有我的应用程序的选择器)

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Android App link - Open a url from app in browser without triggering App Link

I have enabled App linking in my application. It works fine. But in my application there are some scenarios where i cannot handle the incoming url. In those cases i want to redirect that url to the default browser in the device. Currently what i have tried doing is using intents to open browser with the url, but it again redirects to my app itself. The app link is of the format -> https://<domain>/<prefix>/<params> so depending on the params, i would like to either handle the app link in the app itself or redirect it to the default browser. Below is the code i tried to open the browser with

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Google 的 Digital Asset Links 文件缓存机制可以被操纵吗?(Can Google's Digital Asset Links file caching mechanism be manipulated?)

问题 我注意到我的设备和托管在 https://example.com/.well-known/assetlinks.json 的 DAL 之间的缓存机制的影响,我想了解它是如何工作的,以及它是否可以被绕过. 问题是我正在对 DAL 的更改进行原型设计(特别是添加另一个应用程序,但出于问题的目的,更改在这里应该无关紧要),并且从应用程序的角度来看更改是不可见的。 例子: 我从这个 DAL 开始: [ { "relation": [ "delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls" ], "target": { "sha256_cert_fingerprints": [ "<redacted>" ], "namespace": "android_app", "package_name": "com.my_app" } } ] 我安装了com.my_app ,验证成功。 我将 DAL 编辑为以下内容(注意添加了第二个应用程序条目): [ { "relation": [ "delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls" ], "target": { "sha256_cert_fingerprints": [ "<redacted>" ], "namespace": "android_app",

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通过带有自定义参数的 Firebase 动态链接(应用链接)打开免安装应用(opening an Instant App by a Firebase Dynamic Link with custom parameters (App Links))

问题 我正在寻找一种在移动浏览器中打开 Android Instant 应用的方法。 该应用程序支持应用程序链接(http/https 中的深度链接)。 我的 Android 应用程序作为免安装应用程序运行,可以通过非浏览器的不同应用程序(Gmail、Whatsapp 等)中的应用程序链接打开。 我得出的结论是,在浏览器应用中获得即时体验的唯一方法是使用 Firebase 动态链接。 它工作的唯一方法是使用简短的 Firebase 动态链接(链接中没有应用参数)。 我需要能够使用参数手动构建链接,以便应用程序知道它需要执行的操作。 为了使用 Firebase 动态链接,我已经: 在我的应用中为 Firebase 动态链接设置所有基本要求。 设置一个子域并在 Firebase 控制台(托管部分)中启用它。 手动创建了一个长动态链接(描述为通过链接发送参数的唯一方法)。 示例:https://sub.example.com/?link=https://example.com/some-path/file?param1=value1&param2=value2&apn=package.name.com 仅当应用程序已安装/在缓存中时,此长链接才有效(在移动浏览器中)。 如果未安装该应用程序,该应用程序的 Play 商店页面将打开并提供安装/试用(作为免安装应用程序)。 回答1

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opening an Instant App by a Firebase Dynamic Link with custom parameters (App Links)

I'm searching for a way to open an Android Instant app in a mobile browser. The app supports app links (deep linking in http/https). My Android app is working as an instant app and can be opened by an app link in different apps that are not browsers (Gmail, Whatsapp, etc.). I have concluded that the only way to be able to have an instant experience in browser apps is by using Firebase Dynamic Links. The only way it works is by using short Firebase Dynamic Links (without app parameters in the link). I need to be able to build the link manually with parameters, so the app will know it's desired

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Can Google's Digital Asset Links file caching mechanism be manipulated?

I am noticing the effects of a caching mechanism between my device & the DAL hosted at https://example.com/.well-known/assetlinks.json and I'm looking to understand how it works, and if it can be bypassed. The issue is that I'm prototyping changes to the DAL (specifically adding another app, but the change should be irrelevant here for the purpose of the question), and changes aren't visible from the app's perspective. Example: I start with this DAL: [ { "relation": [ "delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls" ], "target": { "sha256_cert_fingerprints": [ "<redacted>" ], "namespace": "android

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Android applinks not working in released build but work correctly from a local install

I have a game that is using applinks. The applinks work fine when running debug and release versions from my computer but don't work for the version downloaded from Google Play. With the Google Play version, I get a dialog asking which app should open the link. I use "App Signing by Google Play" and understand that the release APK is signed by Google and has a different signature. I've added the SHA-256 certificate fingerprint from the app signing certificate listed on Google Play to my assetlinks.json so it contains the fingerprint from both the local and Google Play versions. I've also

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尽管 android:autoVerify="false",Android 仍会尝试验证主机(Android tries to verify host despite android:autoVerify=“false”)

问题 在我的应用程序中,我有 3 个活动,MainActivity、SecondaryActivity 和 TertiaryActivity。 我希望 SecondaryActivity 成为 Android 6 上特定域的默认应用程序链接处理程序,如本指南中所述。 同时,我希望另一个活动 TertiaryActivity 能够处理来自另一个域的链接,但不能成为默认处理程序,因为我不拥有该域。 这是我的 AndroidManifest 来说明: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest package="com.antonc.applinktest" xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> <application android:allowBackup="true" android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" android:label="@string/app_name" android:supportsRtl="true" android:theme="@style/AppTheme"> <activity android:name=".MainActivity" android:label="@string/app

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Instant app with Dynamic Features always show Disambiguation dialog with 1 option

I'm experimenting with Dynamic Features and Instant Apps. To navigate between various features, I use Deep Links. Each time I navigate to another Activity, I see the disambiguation dialog for less than 1 second, with 1 app listed. Notice how the options for "Once" and "Always" (in dutch) are greyed out. Sample Github Project I created a minimalistic sample, that matches my current structure on Github. Requires Android Studio 3.5 - RC2 Some Context: I'm quite confident, the deeplinks are configured correct. But since you guys want to check that anyway, here's the configuration: 1 - Manifest:

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