Hide the parameters passed through href tag

I am passing parameters through href tag as below:

<a href='message.php?toid=$userid&name1=$fname&name2=$lname'>

When I get redirected to message.php, the three parameters are visible on address bar. How can I hide these parameters? I came across .htaccess as one of the solution but without .htaccess I would like to hide the parameters



No, you cannot hide the parameters that are sent through the <a> anchors tags.

However, you can obfuscate the parameters by encrypting them and then decrypting them on your server-side script.

A simple illustration using an encryption decryption ...


$key_value = "somekey"; //<--- This is a key for the encryption decryption process
$plain_text = "the secret !"; //<-- The actual text you are going to send.
$encryptedmsg = mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, $key_value, $plain_text, MCRYPT_ENCRYPT); //<-- Encrypting...
echo "<a href=test2.php?enc=$encryptedmsg>Click Here</a>"; //<-- Your anchor tag


$key_value = "somekey"; //<--- Note..the same key !
$decryptedmsg = mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, $key_value, $_GET['enc'], MCRYPT_DECRYPT); //<-- Decrypting
echo $decryptedmsg; //<-- Prints "the secret"

When clicked the link.. the test2.php will get the enc parameter and then decrypt it using the code , however, users will not be able to read the plain text.. the secret !

This is how it looks on the addressbar when you click the link from test1.php...


Warning : The mcrypt_ecb is deprecated. I just used it for the illustration purposes to give you an idea of what is happening.

Add this link on the top of your code in message.php file

<?php if($_GET['toid']) echo header("location:message.php"); ?>

The only way that I can think of you doing this is if you have a form with hidden input fields and the tag is your submit. Just set the action as post.

You can use jQuery to submit POST data as well, something like the following example:

$('#post').click(function(e) { // we assigned our link the id "post"
    var url = $(this).attr('href');
          type: "POST",
          url: url,
          data: { name: 'John Doe', address: 'Some address' },
    .done(function(data) {
              // $(".success").html( data ); // Optionally display result from post page instead of redirecting
              $(".success").html('We made a post! Yeah, redirecting you somewhere!');
              var end = setTimeout(function() {
                  }, 200);
    .fail(function() {
        $('.success').html('Something went wrong!');

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