HTML5 video MEDIA_ERR_DECODE occurs randomly

I'm developing the project witch contains 6 audio and video elements which plays one after another. The code order before issue is like that:

  1. preloading all media resources till "canplaythrough"
  2. playing video-1
  3. stoping video-1 and playing audio-1
  4. stoping audio-1 and playing video-1 again.

Then the video-1 is playing 2-3 seconds and stops sending the error code 3 (3 = MEDIA_ERR_DECODE - error occurred when decoding). I have tried to play the same video just by link and it is playing fine.

Also the problem randomly occurs on some OS in some browsers. For example:

  • Win10 latest Opera - occurs
  • Win10 latest Chrome - fine
  • MacOS all browsers - fine
  • Another MacOS latest Chrome - occurs in 1 of 10 cases
  • IPhone all browsers - fine
  • IPad all browsers - fine

UPDATE It is occuring on Win10 latest Opera only during first view or if cache is disabled.

UPDATE 2 Video Codec is H.264, Audio Codec is AAC, Framerate is 24.


Definitions for MEDIA_ERR_DECODE

HTML5 spec for for media error codes

An error of some description occurred while decoding the media resource, after the resource was established to be usable.

Mozilla MediaError documentation

Despite having previously been determined to be usable, an error occurred while trying to decode the media resource, resulting in an error.

Firefox error message (as in this support ticket)

The video playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the video used features your browser did not support.

Common reasons for firing

  • The video is encrypted, but you failed to decrypt it. This can be due to various reasons:

    1) Encrypting a video with multiple DRM schemes (rather than just one) can cause decryption to fail on some browsers;

    2) You neglected to decrypt the video before it started playing (perhaps it's accidentally set to auto-play before you've completed the license request);

    3) There are insufficient resources to decode the video because several video buffers (even if they're not encrypted videos) have been used up already.

  • Your browser doesn't support the particular media format (eg. DASH). This may be remediable with a plugin, depending on the media type.

  • You have set the wrong MIME type on your <source> element; note that certain browsers prefer different MIME types to be declared in order to decode certain video formats.

  • Too many video buffers have been used up without being cleared.

Diagnosis in your case

As the error fires fairly indeterminately, it seems like a resources issue rather than any of the other possibilities. You have six audio and video elements playing one-after-another, so you should clear each one out each time they have delivered their media. You should also not load all six side-by-side.

var video = document.getElementById('myVideo');
var nextVideo = document.getElementById('nextVideo');

video.addEventListener('ended', (event)=>{
    video.src = ""; // or the src attribute of the active <source> element.
    // If you aren't going to re-use this video element, you should also
    // remove all eventListeners from it and then remove it from the DOM.
    nextVideo.preload = "auto"; // I'm assuming the src has already been set.
    nextVideo.autoplay = true;
    // Second video should start playing now due to autoplay. If not, call load() again.

video.preload = "auto";
nextVideo.preload = "metadata";
video.src = "video.mp4";
nextVideo.src = "nextVideo.mp4";
video.autoplay = true;
nextVideo.load(); // I believe load() might not be necessary for preload = "metadata".
video.load(); // I believe load() is necessary for preload = "auto".
// First video should start playing now due to autoplay.

It's a similar case to this answer related to iOS.

When the video file size is too large, you may encounter this problem. Recommended setting to:

video.preload = "auto"

Change to:

video.preload = "metadata"

In my case, it was because I was streaming high bitrate HLS content, and not limiting how much to buffer.

The SourceBuffer was full and appendBuffer failed, but in Chrome (Chrome 91), the error message was a misleading MEDIA_ERR_DECODE.

This can happen rather quickly, start the video at a certain timestamp, play it for 30 seconds and MEDIA_ERR_DECODE error will reliably happen, and it seems to happen reliably at a certain video timestamp, which led me to believe it was indeed due to some problem in the video encoding.

But it was not. A professional from my VOD hosting platform suggested that I limit the buffer length, by changing (I'm using hls.js) maxMaxBufferLength from the default 600s to 30s, the problem was solved! MEDIA_ERR_DECODE never happened again after I made this change.

受限制的 HTML

  • 允许的HTML标签:<a href hreflang> <em> <strong> <cite> <blockquote cite> <code> <ul type> <ol start type> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <h2 id> <h3 id> <h4 id> <h5 id> <h6 id>
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  • 网页和电子邮件地址自动转换为链接。

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    问题 关闭。 此问题不符合 Stack Overflow 准则。 它目前不接受答案。 想改善这个问题吗? 更新问题,使其成为 Stack Overflow 的主题。 1 年前关闭。 改进这个问题 我想为视频播客做一个简短的介绍。 作为一个极客 Web 开发人员并且还没有访问或了解动画工具的知识,我想我可能会尝试使用各种 html5 技术进行介绍。 问题是,如何将其转换为可以轻松放入 iMovie 的视频剪辑? 如果必须的话,我认为如果我只通过使用 getImageData 每帧导出一个 png 来使用画布,就可以实现这一点。 唯一的缺点是我仅限于画布。 我希望使用所有新的 html5/css3/svg 技术。 我不需要这个功能来为一般的网络使用工作,只是为了我自己,所以我很高兴任何需要安装等才能让它工作的东西。 如果必须的话,我想我可能可以使用视频屏幕捕获工具,但我希望有一个完整的开源链。 最后,我希望我将创建一系列 png 并使用 ffmpeg 将它们组合在一起,我只是希望找到一种以自动化、开源的方式完成此操作的好方法。 更新我只是想澄清一下,我主要尝试做的是使用 HTML5 而不是 Flash 之类的东西,但我不想将其提供给互联网上的其他人,我想将其转换为视频,并且永远不需要离开我的电脑,它实际上是一台 mac,而不是 Linux 服务器。 如果 flash 可以做到,为什么
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