How can I Stop/start/Pause a @JmsListener (the clean way)

I am using Spring(boot) on my project and I access a JMS Queue (ActiveMQ) using :

@JmsListener(destination = "mydestinationQueue")
public void processMessage(String content) {
    //do something

And it works perfectly but I need to be able to stop/pause/start this bean programatically (a REST call or something like that)

When I stop or pause this bean I want to be sure to have fully processed the current message.

any idea about that ?



Here is the solution I've found

public class JmsController {

     ApplicationContext context;

@RequestMapping(value="/halt", method= RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody
String haltJmsListener() {
    JmsListenerEndpointRegistry customRegistry =
            context.getBean("jmsRegistry", JmsListenerEndpointRegistry.class);
    return "Jms Listener Stopped";

@RequestMapping(value="/restart", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody
String reStartJmsListener() {
    JmsListenerEndpointRegistry customRegistry =
            context.getBean("jmsRegistry", JmsListenerEndpointRegistry.class);
    return "Jms Listener restarted";

@RequestMapping(value="/stopApp", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody
String stopApp() {
    String[] args={};
    SpringApplication.run(FacturationApplicationFrontDaemon.class, args).close();
    return "stopped";


There's a bean of type JmsListenerEndpointRegistry (name org.springframework.jms.config.internalJmsListenerEndpointRegistry).

You can access the JMS listener containers from the registry (all or by name) and call stop() on the one(s) you want; the container will stop after any in-process messages complete their processing.

   private void stopJMSListener() {
       if(null == customRegistry){
           customRegistry = context.getBean(JmsListenerEndpointRegistry.class);

   private void startJMSListener() {
       if(null == customRegistry){
        JmsListenerEndpointRegistry customRegistry = context.getBean(JmsListenerEndpointRegistry.class);

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