Javascript string variable that contains PHP code

I basically just want to append a javascript variable to an HTML div with JQuery. However I need to append some PHP code as a string, it doesn't need to execute it just needs to show up as a plain old string string.

The following code doesn't seem to append because I think it is still recognized as PHP syntax.

var script = '<?php wp_list_pages(); ?>';
divName.innerHTML = script;

Any help would be much appreciated.


Just a guess... replace the php brackets with HTML entities (&lt; and &gt;) so it will not be interpreted as PHP code (if you run the file containing the JS through PHP) nor as strange HTML code (the browser searches for brackets as html tags, remember...) by the browser.

Wrap it in CODE tags, like this:

var script = '<code><?php wp_list_pages(); ?></code>';

You probably should escape the "hot" HTML tokens in the PHP text:

div.innerHTML = script.replace(/&/g, '&amp;').replace(/</g, '&lt;').replace(/>/g, '&gt;');

You need to simply escape the string with HTML entities (&lt; and &gt;)

IMPORTANT: I hope all you're doing here is trying to display the PHP code. Please don't try anything funky where PHP code is passed in a form's field back to the server and executed via eval() or somesuch. That would be an unimaginably terrible idea. Anytime you give the client access to code that will be executed on the server, you open yourself up to all kinds of exploits. Your server will be forfeit. Do not collect $200. Game over. Fail.

PHP is executed before the page is sent to the browser, so you can go to that page, open its source and see if in that line you see what you need to see, like:

var script = 'the content you expect to see';

if not, tell us what you see.

If you are looking for a String variable to execute PHP code try looking here instead. I mention this because this was what I was looking to do and this question came up.

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    问题 我是编程的新手,我知道如何将PHP与HTML分开,但是我想知道这样做是否有区别 这: <?php $rand="I love apples" ?> <h1>This is a title</h1> <div> <p>This is a paragraph</p> <?php echo"The variable contains the string $rand"; ?> </div> ?> 与执行此操作相比: <?php echo "<h1>This is a title</h1>"; echo "<div>"; echo "<p>This is a paragraph</p>"; echo "The variable contains the string $rand"; echo "</div>"; ?> 在性能等方面,从HTML代码拆分PHP代码与仅在php中回显整个页面之间,是否有任何区别? 回答1 最佳实践不是将PHP与HTML分开,最佳实践是将逻辑与标记分开。 编码风格也很重要。 适当的行缩进。 使用echo "</div>"; 而不是echo"</div>"; ,有效的HTML,不要将变量放在引号中: echo "The variable contains the string $rand"; 更好(为什么?请参阅下面的评论): echo "The
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    问题 这个问题已经在这里有了答案: 如何将变量和数据从PHP传递到JavaScript? (20个答案) 6年前关闭。 如何在JavaScript或jQuery中访问PHP变量? 我要写吗 <?php echo $variable1 ?> <?php echo $variable2 ?> <?php echo $variable3 ?> ... <?php echo $variablen ?> 我知道我可以在cookie中存储一些变量,并通过cookie访问这些值,但是cookie中的值是相对稳定的值。 而且,有一个限制,您不能在cookie中存储很多值,并且该方法不是很方便。 有更好的方法吗? 回答1 您的示例展示了将PHP变量传递给JavaScript的最简单方法。 您还可以使用json_encode处理更复杂的事情,例如数组: <?php $simple = 'simple string'; $complex = array('more', 'complex', 'object', array('foo', 'bar')); ?> <script type="text/javascript"> var simple = '<?php echo $simple; ?>'; var complex = <?php echo json_encode($complex); ?>; <